Saturday, 17 November 2012

Sharing Apps

A couple of tweets have caught my interest recently because they linked to a great site for sharing apps.  So despite the fact I have a huge list of other things I'm meant to be doing I allowed myself a little play on

Being a librarian one thing that appeals to me about this way of sharing your apps is that you can tag them so they are easy to search.  So if someone is looking for maths apps then they can click on maths and away you go.   The set up is very, very easy.  You can paste in the URL to the app and everything is populated for you, even the picture.  I wanted to make mine a bit more personal with my own opinions about the apps so it took a little longer, but it still is the quickest way I've seen to make a personalised app list.

You are able to share the list and, all going well, you should be able to see my list as I embed it in this blog.  It is a work in progress but you will get the idea.  I like the fact that you can vote on the apps you like the best (please do!).

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