Friday, 18 January 2013

Cool New Tool - ThingLink

I had a go at ThingLink and my principal emailed it to the Board of Trustees because he loved it.  And it really wasn't that hard!  If you want something with that wow factor that won't take forever to learn then this is it.  

So basically ThingLink enables you to add music, video, text, images etc to any image you like.  I wanted parents to be able to find out what class their children were in and then immediately be able to learn about the teacher in that class.  A video of them would have been great but I made do with their staff profiles on our website.

The site you want is  Here is a video tutorial to get you started.  

I ended up changing my school site map to make the classrooms slightly bigger to fit the links in.  Even after I had made them as small as possible they were too large for my original map.  So have a think about how much room you have and where you will put your links.  

You also don't want a lot of links close to each other.  Our admin team have their own profiles but I chose to have one link to the whole team so there weren't a whole bunch of links crowded together.

If you want some ideas of ways to use ThingLink you can look at some of the examples on the site.  If you want to use it in the classroom (or library) then have a look at the suggestions here.

All in all I had a blast trying ThingLink and would recommend it to everyone.  Go on, have a go!

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