Monday, 18 July 2016

Pokémon Go

Just caught a Meowth!

I probably don't need to tell you that Pokémon GO is HUGE.  If you need a bit more help understanding it, here's some good information:

How to Play Pokémon Go
Official Site

It is definitely worth learning a bit more about this huge global fad.  Your students will be talking about it so it's nice to have the terminology sussed out and not look clueless.  Plus, it's fun!  And it gets my fifteen-year-old out from his bedroom.

There have been some cautionary tales however.

School Library Journal had a great article about how this might affect libraries - Pokémon Go:  What Do Librarians Need To Know?  They also had a link to a more advanced article about Pokémon GO.  WAY more advanced.

I've bought a few more Pokémon books as I'm sure demand for these will increase.  I've also found a few Pokémon colouring pages that students might like to use:

Super Coloring
Morning Kids! (this one has the Pokémon listed by number and it corresponds with those in your Pokédex).

Have you had a try yet?

Updates:  Just saw this fabulous post by the New Zealand Book Council - Gotta pun 'em all:  New Zealand books with Pokémon

And fortunately, we can use them if we want:

Here's a cool activity if you know your way around Google Maps:

Mark has now done a post about how to customise a Google Map.

This is a fantastic place for teaching ideas - Ways to use Pokemon Go in the Classroom

Other links:

Pokemon Go Brings Augmented Reality To The Mainstream

Here's The Inspiring Story Of The Creator Of Pokémon GO, John Hanke.
List of Pokémon (Pokédex)
Help! Pokemon Go isn't working: How to fix common Pokemon Go problems
Pokemon Go players: you have 30 days from signup to opt out of binding arbitration


  1. Awesome thank you Michelle... I have shared this with my teachers cos they might need some extra info! I admit to trying to download the game but it crashed my phone every time I tried to open it, so I gave up! I have to say, though, it was very entertaining walking around the lake the other day and seeing LOTS of groups of teenage boys out for a gentle stroll!!!!! I also bumped into a mate of my son's (10) who is normally very bubbly and happy but he was stomping around in a MASSIVE grump because his mum's phone had died!!!

  2. It has certainly been glitchy to start with. I'm not sure they anticipated just how quickly it would take off. Will make sure we visit the lake soon :) I just got back from the supermarket and captured an Eevee with 106 combat points - so exciting!!

    1. LOL go you!!! I just tried to download again, and got further this time, but it still crashed my phone when I saw a pokemon in my living room???

    2. Here's some troubleshooting advice - It could be your phone and not the game, go to No.10 on the list for the minimum specs.

  3. Hey everyone, Steph from the Book Council here - I am really into Pokemon Go, already have 96 types in my Pokedex lol! If you have any questions about Pokemon Go, feel free to email me :D

    1. Hehe, I have a feeling many conversations are going to start with 'How many different Pokémon have you got?' and 'What level are you?'

  4. Hi Michelle,

    Kay Oddone also wrote a great blog post about how the augmented reality technology that PokemonGo uses could also be used in education:

    And Cory Doctorow shared about how to opt out of PokemonGo's binding arbitration clause:

    Just to add some more links for you :) Have fun!

    1. Thanks for the links Steph, I've put them into my post in case people don't read the comments. I experimented with Aurasma a few years ago but it didn't catch on. The timing would be better now.

  5. Hello Michelle,
    Thanks for posting, much appreciated.