Sunday, 23 July 2017

#slanza17 - Wednesday

Reading for Pleasure Presentation
#slanza17 - Unconference
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Wednesday, the final day of the conference, arrived all too quickly.  I was just getting warmed up!  The keynote (Flipping the Format - How Contemporary Teens Connect to Story) was from Adele Walsh, who I had the pleasure of meeting the day before (although it took me a while to realise I was talking to a keynote speaker!).  I'll admit I was worried that because the focus was on teens I wouldn't get as much out of this keynote, but it turned out to be one of my favourite sessions!  Here are some of my notes (you can find more in the tweets from the day, below):

  • This padlet has all the websites referred to
  • Commit to the world of teens - it's not about you!
  • Embrace discomfort, otherwise you're not learning
  • Digital is not just ebooks - expand your thinking.
  • Digital storytelling, transmedia storytelling - telling stories through multiple platforms
  • The majority of teens online are creating content, making stories.  Digital stories aren't less important than other stories
  • Stop saying 'in real life', digital life is real tool, being online is real life for teens
  • Don't take over their content creation, support them in what they're doing
  • Stories are not just the written word, they're video, photos, emoji
  • 'Reading' can be a loaded term for teens, but they're used to stories being everywhere - connect with their world
  • Adele runs the 'Inside a Dog' website. Teens are involved in content creation for the site, including creating the longlist and shortlist of the Inky awards.
  • Have bookmarks with book covers and checkboxes (Love this idea! I'll be using it).
  • Got feedback on what teens want to feel in a digital community, how they felt about the site.  Going to relaunch.
  • Teens love to discuss book covers (will try this in my book club).
  • Dog Advisory Board for website, teens advising.
  • Polandbananasbooks - popular book review site (can we do something similar with our kids?)

How many of these do you recognise?

The last keynote was from Steve Braunias - "How I Survived the Bad Librarian at Mt Maunganui College, and other tales".  He was hilarious.  I immediately reserved "The man who ate Lincoln Road".  

For me, the conference finished after lunch.  I didn't attend the library tours because I had already visited one of the libraries and to be honest I quite liked the idea of beating the traffic!

A big thanks to the organising committee - I think the event was extremely well run and I really enjoyed the new additions, the quiz and the unconference.

Here are the final lot of tweets for the conference:


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for your comprehensive notes on the sessions you attended. I didn't take much in the way of notes myself. I did not attend all the same workshops as you (and some I wish I had, particularly RVR's library environment on a budget) but some I did, and your notes are better than any I'd have taken :) Keep being awesome!

    1. Thank you! That is very kind of you.