Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Four Things I'm Excited about in 2018: #3 Reading Buddies

#1 Library Llamas
#2 Patron of Reading
#3 Reading Buddies
#4 Book Week

In another project inspired by Jon Biddle (see my Patron of Reading post for the first), we are going to be trialling Reading Buddies in our school.  I saw Jon's blog post in December and thought it sounded like a nice way to help promote a love of reading in some of our students who could use extra encouragement.  The idea is that each student is assigned a staff member (not necessarily a teacher) who spends a bit of time each week talking with them about books and what they are reading.

I took this idea to our DP, who was supportive but mindful of the workload of our teachers.  We have decided to start small, with our priority learners teacher, myself, and two of the teachers from my Teachers' Reading Group.  We are currently waiting for the students to be selected, then we are ready to go.  To start with, we will be working with a few of our Year 5 & 6 students.  

I often help students select books to read, but don't often spend a sustained period of time with one particular student.  I'm looking forward to experiencing this different dynamic and seeing whether it can have an impact on a student's reading life.  I'm also hopeful that as a group we can discuss what books and techniques are working for our reading buddies and build on each other's knowledge.  With any luck the trial will be so successful we'll be able to entice other teachers to join in, but in the meantime I am just happy, and excited, that we get to give it a go.

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